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Saatchi Online Gallery Hosts New Show for Scottish Artist

Portrait artist Timothy Cumming opened his first show at Saatchi's online gallery today, featuring abstract and figurative digital paintings in two separate collections.

The first collection 'Entrepreneur Series' is themed on entrepreneurship and contains seven large works up to 60 inches, while the second collection 'Studies' features three smaller works up to 24 inches.

The works, priced between £560 and £1,550, can be seen at

"It's a permanent and growing show", explained Cumming, "a modest mixture of figure-based and abstract montages and digital paintings." The 'Entrepreneur Series' represents something of a homage to risk takers in small businesses, made largely in the winter of 2011/12. "I love entrepreneurs, they're very much the unsung heroes of our culture", says Cumming, "I wanted to portray their personal reality in a special series - the risks they take, their dedication, their worries, their drive. Not the hype, not the celebrity-based TV shows with their binary win or lose games, but the steady, hard, daring work that is building a business."

Cumming claims that many entreprenuers have an unglamorous existence, "like the early inventors in their drafty sheds and candle-lit-rooms – today they're in industrial estates and soul-less offices." While his paintings portray business figures, their locations are more abstract. "To me, they're all hereos, whether they fail or succeed – they're what makes our economy, our culture, our country flourish."

The 'Studies' series in comparison is a collection of early works, successful technique trials and studies for larger works, made largely in 2011/12.

The show is an online permanent exhibition, and features both original works and prints.


  • Timothy Cumming: is a Wiltshire-based digital artist working in local materials, oils and acrylics, mixed media, photographic textures and digital paint.
  • More Information: If you'd like more information about this article, or to schedule an interview with the artist, please either call the studio at +44 (0)1380 721 944 or e-mail with a quick question.
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