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Saatchi Hosts Third Collection for Scottish Artist

Saatchi Online has published a third collection of artworks by Wiltshire-based Scottish artist Timothy Cumming. Six new portraits appear in this collection of digital paintings.

This collection is a mix of larger commissions, speculative portraits and portfolio works, made mainly in 2011/12. "I like to work from a subject's mood, perhaps over 20 or 30 minutes. That means multiple photos of the sitting, plenty of chat, window light ideally, and then I can paint a composite from them, without burdening the sitter", says Cumming who claims to have an effective time-saving process for sitters. "If the light's right, the work tends to just tumble out", he added.

The works can be seen at


  • Timothy Cumming: is a Wiltshire-based digital artist working in local materials, oils and acrylics, mixed media, photographic textures and digital paint.
  • More Information: If you'd like more information about this article, or to schedule an interview with the artist, please either call the studio at +44 (0)1380 721 944 or e-mail with a quick question.
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