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Wiltshire Artist Opens New Studio in Devizes

Scottish artist Timothy Cumming opened his new portrait studio today in Devizes, ready for digital and physical portraits in the new year.

Equipped with loft windows, northern hemisphere lighting and computers, Cumming has invested time and money to advance his workspace to suit digital portraiture. 

"The technology is as important as the light", said Cumming, "because most of us have growing visual awareness and inclining standards. High definition television, digital cinema and Giclee large-format printing have given us all a taste for vivid, sharp and well-lit images. Compare advertising, filmaking, photography or TV now with say two decades ago, and you'll find a huge increase in both the aethetic and technical quality of image-making. I love this considerable advance in tastes."

Cumming argues however that many artists have not embraced this change, "To a degree, artists still cling to tradition, many are intent on walking well-trodden paths. This seems pretty evident than in the field of portraiture." He cited some of the more modern works in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG), "Sir Richard Charles' mixed media portrait of Richard Branson is a pleasant step away from convention, but many artists submittin gto the NPG whether in paint or photo have a warm comfortable familiarity. Of course, it's not easy embracing change. It means learning new techniques, embracing the prevailing visual literacy around you, and investing in change. I hope my new studio light and pretty fast computers help me create my best modern and appealing work." 


  • Timothy Cumming: is a Wiltshire-based digital artist working in local materials, oils and acrylics, mixed media, photographic textures and digital paint.
  • More Information: If you'd like more information about this article, or to schedule an interview with the artist, please either call the studio at +44 (0)1380 721 944 or e-mail with a quick question.
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