You can use this page to tease out your portrait thoughts, and optionally, to place a no-obligation loose-ish order. Think of it as a well-meaning enquiry which won't generate a hard-sell phone call. Hopefully, the Scoping section will help you define what you want - style, size, location and feel. Or if you prefer the phone, just call me on my studio line 01380 721 944.

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1. Scope Out Your Preferences

Real Portrait Small
Up to 20" x 20"
(From £850)
Enahnced Portrait Medium
Up to 36" x 36"
(From £1450)
Dream Portrait Large
Up to 60" x 60"
(From £1950)

Spouse or Partner
Other Relatives


2. Place a Loose-ish Order (easy to cancel)


I'll contact you to discuss your desires or ideas, and then finalise costs and dates from there.