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Close Likeness

So you can compare easily, here are photos of a few of my sitters, compared to their portraits.

Compare academic portrait to photos

Compare photographer portrait to photos

Compare weaver portrait to photos

Compare accountant portrait to photos

Compar eactor portrait to photos

Compare psychologist portrait to photos

Fine Detail

Here are a few closeups, revealing the importance of clarity and brushwork on small features.

Close detail of irisThe Iris - I try to get maximum crispness in the iris to bring the eye to life and secure the similarity.

Close detail of lipsThe Lips - sometimes the teeth need to soften, while the lips acquire a sharpness.

Close detail of hairHair - hair shouldn't distract from the face, so I keep it soft, with just a little fine detail to give it life.

Close detail of glassesGlasses - I love glasses and their reflections, so I like to lift them with detailed light.