Features of the Modern Style

You'll notice quite a few distinctive elements to this style:

  • Natural skin tones for classical look
  • Soft curves for generous visual flow
  • Realistic lighting to enrich shadow detail
  • Gentle brushwork and wet digital oils

Why Choose A Classical Portrait Style

It's a good idea to commission a portrait style that matches your personality, style or attitude. The Classical style has a measured feel, a considerate, traditional look, natural skin tones and soft brushwork using wetter digital paints. These will help you:

  • To project the accomplished, more conservative side of your personality
  • To gently emphasise reliability, strength and integrity
  • To convey a sense of authenticity and credibility

If these aims ring true with you, then Classical is a suitable style. I love this kind of painting - it's a real pleasure to work with digital oils. And it's surprising how it can add depth to the home or office.

Peace of Mind

When you're considering a portrait, we think it's important to you're reassured. So we offer these 3 issues to:

Enduring Materials

My works are UV-protected, certificated and created with archival materials that last for centuries.

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Close Likeness

I put your likeness first, before style, composition or texture, so you'll always get close to the real you.

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Happiness Guarantee

If you're not delighted with your painting, simply return it before you approve it, and I'll give you a full no-quibble refund.

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Prices And Gifting

  • Artist fees range from £850 to £1950. See prices for full details.
  • Gift vouchers are available if you'd like to give a portrait to family, colleagues or partners.

Classical Style Examples

'Edinburgh Weaver' Jan 2012

Digital Oil Painting Example - Edinburgh Weaver

'Chemistry Studies' Mar 2012

Digital Oil Painting Example - Chemistry Studies

'The Lucid Eye' Apr 2012

Digital Oil Painting Example - The Lucid Eye