A collection of articles by Scottish artist Timothy Cumming on portrait painting, commissioning and his works

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Painting 'Illuminated Tradesman (Retired Plasterer Graham Maslin, Person with Parkinsons'

When I arrived at Graham's house, I wanted to return to the illuminated portrait. He readily took up the torch I gave him and shone it on his own face, throwing underlit shadows upwards.

Graham is a former plasterer, retired early because of Parkinsons and a man who I believe misses his work. However the playfulness and willingness he showed at my visit were uplifting and even though his smile is physically diminished by the ailment, he was helpful and engaged.

Graham, thank you for lending us all your face.

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That's Some beautiful work, fair play to graham

plastering meath / 03-Nov-2013 12:09 PM

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