A collection of articles by Scottish artist Timothy Cumming on portrait painting, commissioning and his works

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Painting 'Blue Lady (Retired Heritage Volunteer Pat Wilgress, Person with Parkinsons'

Pat's a charming woman, a mother, wife, a former Marlborough Heritage volunteer and a Parkinson's person. Her stillness and quiet collaboration were striking and after trying a variety of postures, this slightly prayerful pose emerged as the most workable.

When I asked Pat to take her chair in the cooler shadows on this hot day, her blue scarf and jumper just seemed to seep into the blue shadows of our tall hedge. She has a wonderful bone structure and a seated elegance that worked well together in this simple profile portrait. The lift in this work for me though came from the sunlight breaking into the edges of her face, hands and hair.

Many thanks Pat for participating so willingly.

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